wasting my life (2012)

by mattr

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    listen to it on good headphones, you won't regret it. thanks for buying this "album". i appreciate your support! getting some money for my music is going to help me to invest in professional mix down and mastering. i am really sorry that my mastering skills are that bad, but i still think the songs are ok.

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Not many people may know that I have started producing beats ten years ago. Back in the days life could have been pretty good and the sun was hardly taking a day off and the moon, well, I don’t know about the moon, it probably just stood still.

Ten years have passed and thousands of beats have been made. Honestly, it’s not easy to stay productive for more than a decade. It's not easy to produce thousands of beats and not to release anything for such a long time. Well, I was most probably way too busy waiting for this or that which is never going to happen or just busy complaining and being pessimistic or busy reading all these books I still haven't read.

My own last album dates back to 2005 and I deeply think it’s time to finally release some more music. Instead of forgetting about all these astonishing pieces of music lying somewhere on my or other people’s external harddisks I would love to show you what I have been working on since 2002.

In order to celebrate being creative, productive and unsuccesful for ten years I am going to release a bunch of albums in the next few weeks/months. Some of the songs are incredibly old and were made in 2003, others are new and fresh. Most of these albums are not going to be properly mixed down or not even mixed down at all, which is heavily disappointing and frustrating, I totally agree, especially for myself, but on my headphones all of the songs sound ok and ok is definitely good enough.

I just hope that you will enjoy some of the music. Tell your friends about it if you think they might like it. Stay happy and positive, stay alive!

and please don't waste your time, listening to this if you think my music sucks. don't waste your time writing negative comments. it's all a matter of taste. make your own music. make better music and think about your karma. thanks!


released September 2, 2012

artwork by sabrina marchetti.
all beats made&mixed by mattr.



all rights reserved


mattr St. Gallen, Switzerland

mattr. makes music.

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